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Consumer guide: Getting off the hook of a predatory tow

7 steps to take if your car is towed 


 | by
Douglas H. Phelps
Chairman, U.S. PIRG; President and Executive Director, The Public Interest Network

Donald Ross passed away on May 14 after a recent illness. He was 78 years old.

 | by
Danny Katz
Executive Director

The 2022 Colorado legislative session was a productive one. Here at CoPIRG, we’re celebrating a lot. Bills to ban PFAS from many consumer products, and develop a producer responsibility waste system to cut unnecessary packaging and expand curbside recycling. The nation’s first non-vehicular Right to Repair bill and a nation-leading bill on consumer protections around predatory towing. We also saw new protections from toxic air pollutants and major investments in electric school buses, e-bikes, fare-free transit, Bustang, and cleaner buildings. 

Postcard of FTC Building
 | by
Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Last year, the Supreme Court eliminated the FTC's key authority to disgorge ill-gotten gains from corporate wrongdoers and use the money to compensate their victims. It was an unfortunate decision that benefited a convicted payday lender who fleeced thousands of victims and will allow brand name Big Pharma firms that block lower-cost generic competitors and other wrongdoers to escape billions of dollars in restitution. The Senate Commerce Committee is voting tomorrow on a bill to restore FTC powers.

-- Cover graphic of FTC Building via Flickr, by Boston Public Library, Some rights reserved.