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Plastic foam cups and single-use plastic bags are a common sight on the steps of the Colorado Capitol, but not like this: On Feb. 28, the cups and bags, collected by volunteers in cleanups, formed the number 22,898.

That's the number of petition signatures gathered by CoPIRG, Environment Colorado and other groups, urging state legislators to take action on plastic pollution. Every day, Coloradans throw away 1 million polystyrene foam cups, commonly known as Styrofoam. When it comes to forms of plastic pollution, polystyrene is one of the worst: It never fully degrades, instead just breaking into smaller pieces that often get into waterways and harm our environment and wildlife.

“Colorado contributes roughly 1 million foam cups, 3 million plastic straws, and 4.5 million plastic bags to our state’s waste stream every day,” said CoPIRG Director Danny Katz. “These are items that are often used once and then discarded but will take centuries to decompose. Nothing we use for a few minutes in 2019 should continue to pollute our state past 2019.”

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Photo Caption: CoPIRG, Environment Colorado and allies gathered on the steps of the Colorado Capitol to call for legislation on plastic pollution on Feb. 28. (Credit: Staff)

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