Wrapping Denver's City and County Hall with a 400-foot long ribbon strung with petitions, CoPIRG called for a new investment in people-friendly streets.

The petitions call for a $22 million increase in the city budget for sidewalks, bikeways and other safety improvements. On average, one person dies each week in traffic accidents in Denver, with 37 deaths already since January 2018. Without additional funding, advocates say the situation will not improve any time soon.

“Unfortunately, at the rate Denver is building out our missing sidewalk network and adding bike lanes, it’s going to be 100 years before all our streets are truly people-friendly,” said CoPIRG State Director Danny Katz, an organizer of the event. “That’s why we’re calling on Mayor Hancock and the city to increase spending to $22 million next year.”

CoPIRG is a member of The Denver Streets Partnership, a coalition of organizations advocating for people-friendly streets in Denver.

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