We've been telling everybody who will listen that the companies that make electronics and other products should make it easier to repair your stuff. In July, we got to tell the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Nathan Proctor, director of our Right to Repair campaign, was a featured speaker on July 16 at the FTC's "Nixing the Fix" workshop, which explored restrictions on repair.

"I love Star Trek. They literally have six devices on Star Trek to do what one smartphone does," Nathan said. "We buy these incredible $1,000 handheld supercomputers and treat them as disposable, (hopefully) recycling them for commodity value? That’s absurd and shows that something is going wrong here. One of the factors ... is the way in which the repair and maintenance of devices are severely limited by the manufacturers."

Nathan delivered petitions signed by 7,900 supporters to the FTC calling for action to make it easier to repair our stuff.

Read more about Nathan's presentation here.

Photo Caption: Our national network's Right to Repair campaign director, Nathan Proctor, speaking at the FTC's "Nixing the Fix" workshop on why we should all be able to repair the things we own. Photo Credit: Metroid Video