Clean Air Colorado

The smoke alarm is going off. We need to put out the fire. We have the solutions.

This summer, Colorado has seen some of the most polluted air in the world. From July through August, the Denver metro region and the North Front Range experienced an unprecedented string of ozone pollution days and in August broke a record for poor air quality.

One problem - ground-level ozone pollution - is a particularly harmful form of pollution that not only fuels respiratory disease and lung damage but can also exacerbate cardiovascular diseases and stroke. 

We’ve known that ozone is a public health hazard but for years we’ve failed to take significant enough action to meet basic air quality standards. 

On July 21, we missed a deadline for reducing ozone pollution....again. We’ve failed to meet these air quality standards every year since 2008.

Transportation is a leading contributor to ozone in Colorado and the single-largest contributor to climate change, which is fueling more extreme drought and longer fire seasons, adding additional smoke to our already ozone polluted skies. 

We have the solutions to reduce ozone pollution and tackle climate change at the same time. 

Since our transportation system is such a large contributor, we’re focused on increasing clean transportation options.

We need to switch to cleaner, electric-powered vehicles and significantly expand travel options like more and better bus service, and safer bicycle infrastructure and sidewalks so people don’t need to drive to complete every trip. 

We also need to avoid spending money on massive highway projects that make air pollution and climate change worse. 

As Coloradans gasp under polluted air, we need more action on all levels - our members of Congress, Governor Polis, the Colorado Department of Transportation, the state legislature, clean air regulatory bodies, transit agencies like RTD, city and county governments, and regional planning bodies that play a big role in transportation projects.

We can’t afford another summer like this one. 

So the CoPIRG Foundation has launched a #CleanAirColorado campaign. From singers to athletes, business owners to parents, we need to demonstrate how dirty air days impact everyone and we need bold action.  

Join our social media campaign by using #CleanAirColorado and share why clean air is important to you. And check out some of the solutions we're raising up

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#CleanAirColorado photo petitions Credit: Staff

We need more action to tackle air pollution
Tell Governor Polis we need bold action on ozone pollution

We need Governor Polis to lead an effort to adopt strong policies reducing pollution from leading ozone contributors like our transportation system, the oil and gas sector and other polluting industries.