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A report released today by CoPIRG — the Colorado Public Interest Research Group Foundation — found Tafoya is not alone in his indifference toward cars and trucks. The report says that for the first time since World War II, Americans are driving less and have been doing so since the middle of the last decade when vehicles miles traveled per capita decrease by 6 percent.

The ones really shifting their driving habits are people ages 16-34. The average young person, the report said, drove 20 percent fewer miles in 2009 than the average young person in 2001.

They are instead using alternative transportation to get to work or a friend's house, says "Transportation and the New Generation: Why Young People are Driving Less and What it Means for Transportation Policy."

For the first time in two generations, there has been a significant shift in how many miles people are driving each year, said Danny Katz, director for CoPIRG Foundation, an environmental advocacy group.

"Colorado needs to understand these trends when deciding how to focus our future transportation investments, especially when transportation dollars are so scarce," Katz said

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