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AcAccording to a new study released by the Colorado Public Interest Research Group, the number of miles being driven by Americans is on the decline for the eighth year in a row.

CoPIRG announced their findings Tuesday, explaining a change to the demographics of drivers may be the reason for the downward trend.

The study showed that the Millennial Generation, drove 23 percent fewer miles on average in 2009 than in 2001, which was the greatest decline in driving than any other age group.

"Young people ages 18-34 are more likely to live in urban and more walkable neighborhoods so they can walk from different places or bike or bus. They are also more prone to use alternative transportation options," said Lisa Ritland with CoPIRG.

Ritland says the research group looked over local, regional, national and federal data which indicated that the average American currently drives no more miles than they did at the end of President Clinton's first term.

"Using alternative transportation has a lot of good implications for Colorado and the United States. For one, it reduces our dependence on foreign oil, it decreases air pollution and decreases congestion," said Ritland.


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