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The Denver Post
Monte Whaley

The final piece of an agreement that hands over the maintenance and tolling of U.S. 36 between Boulder and Denver for 50 years was quietly put in place Thursday.

The state's Transportation Commission reviewed and unanimously signed off on a compliance agreement between the Colorado Department of Transportation and Plenary Roads Denver for the U.S. 36 Managed Lanes project.

The pact not only means a private firm will soon maintain and collect tolls on the Boulder Turnpike, it also signals the start of a new era of public-private partnerships for the state aimed at building roads in Colorado, commission members said......

.......Some say that CDOT should agree to a 60-day period to allow lawmakers and the public a chance to closely examine the 600-page agreement.

"There needs to be a clear public comment period and process between the release of the full details and the signing of a 50-year-agreement with a private company to manage any road, including U.S. 36," said Danny Katz, director of the public-interest group CoPIRG. "This was a yes-or-no moment, and the public needs a voice in that."

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