Annual ‘Dangerous Toys’ list released in time for holidays

Some toys may be worth passing up this holiday season due to risks including choking, noise hazards and lead poisoning, according a new report.

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Farm Bill Should Stop Wasting Our Taxes

On July 15, less than a week after the House passed a Farm Bill bloated with handouts to big agribusinesses like Monsanto, Twinkies went back on the market.

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Farm Bill Should End Subsidies for Agribusiness Giants

How serious are Colorado's congressmen about cutting wasteful spending? The farm bill vote in the U.S. House on July 11 provided some answers.

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Farm Bill Dysfunction

Last week U.S. Republican representatives voted to exclude the nation’s revamped food stamps program from the House version of the 2013 farm bill. This week, the Colorado Public Interest Research Group released a report on what it calls the farm bill’s wasteful agricultural-subsidy spending, joining with farmers to ask Congress to make real reforms before passing the vital five-year legislation.


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