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News Release | CoPIRG | Transportation

Fare-free summer transit, expanded state bus service coming to Colorado

With a $68 million investment, the Colorado Legislature approved a bill to provide at least a month of statewide fare-free transit this summer, a near doubling of the Bustang bus service for the next three years and an additional investment in a successful program that improves the safety and comfort of main streets. The bill is based on a November proposal by Gov. Jared Polis aimed at tackling ozone pollution. The bill now heads to the governor’s desk for signature into law.

News Release | PIRG | COVID-19

Statement: 1 million Americans dead from COVID-19

President Biden is acknowledging the loss of 1 million American lives to COVID-19 on Thursday. The Administration marks the sad milestone as COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations have risen across the United States in recent weeks, most sharply in the Northeast. 

News Release | CoPIRG | Public Health

One of nation's most comprehensive bills passes restricting dangerous PFAS chemicals

The Colorado state legislature passed one of the most comprehensive state bills to date restricting the sale of PFAS “forever chemicals” in consumer products as well as fluids used in the extraction of oil and gas products as early as 2024. PFAS are a class of chemicals linked to serious health impacts like cancer, organ damage, and suppression of the immune system, and Colorado joins a growing number of states taking action to help limit further use and exposure. 

News Release | CoPIRG | Transportation

Bill investing in electric school buses, e-bikes, and grants to reduce air pollution moves through state legislature towards Polis’ desk

As Colorado’s air pollution continues to worsen, the house passed Senate Bill 193, Air Quality Improvement Investments today. The bill provides a set of initiatives to combat Colorado’s ongoing air pollution, including $65M for electric school buses, $25M for a clean air grant program to reduce air pollution from industrial and manufacturing operations, and $12M for e-bikes.

News Release | CoPIRG | Public Health

Surprise medical billing bill codifies maximum protection

A bipartisan effort to strengthen protections for Colorado residents against surprise billing practices, the Health Insurance Surprise Billing Protections bill (HB22-1284), passed the state legislature yesterday, moving to the Governor’s desk. With the existence of both state and federal laws around surprise billing practices in effect, this bill will effectively merge the two laws, providing insured Colorado residents the maximum protections against surprise medical billing practices.


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