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Congress Wasted $19.2 Billion Subsidizing Junk Food Ingredients Since 1995

Federal agricultural policy has wasted $19.2 billion subsidizing junk food ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup according to a new report, Apples to Twinkies 2013, released today by the consumer advocacy group CoPIRG.  Unveiling the report at Clear Creek Organics Farm in Wheat Ridge, CoPIRG highlighted that most of these subsidies go to the largest, most profitable agribusinesses and support mainly the growing of commodity crops like corn and soy which does not reflect the priorities of average Coloradans.

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Senate Confirms CFPB Director Cordray

"Today’s confirmation of Richard Cordray to head the CFPB for a full term is good news for consumers, and for firms that want to play fair in the financial marketplace. The CFPB was created to rein in the reckless Wall Street practices that blew up our economy almost five years ago."

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Twenty Top Generic Drugs Delayed By Industry Payoffs

Coloradans with cancer, heart disease, epilepsy and other conditions have been forced to pay an average of 10 times more than necessary for at least 20 blockbuster drugs, according to a report released today by Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG) and Community Catalyst.

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CoPIRG Applauds House Voting Down Farm Bill

CoPIRG applauds Representatives Coffman, DeGette, Lamborn, Polis, and Perlmutter in voting down the Farm Bill.  CoPIRG opposes the House Farm Bill for locking in their unjustified corporate handouts for the next five years.

News Release | CoPIRG | Tax

House Narrowly Rejects Measure to Limit Subsidies for Largest Agribusinesses

The House rejected even modest amendments to reduce subsidies for the most profitable agribusinesses. The Kind-Petri amendment, which would have cut off certain subsidies for agribusinesses with high incomes, failed with a narrow 208-217 vote.


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