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Denver financial empowerment office helps thousands of residents reduce debt, save money, avoid debt traps

CoPIRG released new data highlighting the success of the Denver Office of Financial Empowerment and Protection (OFEP), which in 2020 helped thousands of Denver residents reduce debt by $1.4 million, increase savings by $227,000, avoid $826,000 in tax prep fees, and improve credit scores by an average of 43 points. CoPIRG highlighted that the Denver OFEP success underscores the role a statewide Office of Financial Empowerment could play to help leverage Denver’s success across the state.


News Release | CoPIRG | Consumer Protection

Reauthorization of Colorado's utility consumer advocate takes step forward

The Colorado Senate Transportation and Energy Committee approved SB21-103 and moved the Office of Consumer Counsel (OCC) one step closer to reauthorization. Over the last 30 years, the OCC has saved consumers $1.7 billion - with average annual consumer savings of $113 million over the last five years.

News Release | CoPIRG | Solid Waste

Consumer, farmer, and disability advocates call on legislators to protect Coloradans’ right to repair

CoPIRG joined the Colorado Cross Disability Coalition, Rocky Mountain Farmers’ Union, and 50 independent repair shops and farmers across the state to support Right to Repair and HB21-1199, a bill that would make it easier for consumers and independent repairers to repair their electronics. Right to Repair is the principle that people should be able to fix their devices on their own or take them to someone they trust to fix it. 

Colorado’s Right to Repair bill, HB21-1199, is up in the House Business Affairs and Labor Committee. Here’s what I’m going to say to convince them to vote yes. 

News Release | CoPIRG | Financial Reform

CoPIRG supports the creation of a Colorado Office of Financial Empowerment

CoPIRG is calling on the Colorado Senate Finance Committee to pass SB21-148, sponsored by Senator Julie Gonzales, and create a Colorado Office of Financial Empowerment. 

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CoPIRG calls for passage of student loan borrower protection bill

CoPIRG is calling on the Senate Education Committee to pass SB21-057, the Private Lenders of Student Loans Acts and Practices bill, sponsored by Senator Winter and Senator Gonzales. It would expand and build upon important protections in the Colorado Student Loan Servicers Act.   

News Release | CoPIRG Foundation | Solid Waste

Lack of repair options for Colorado farmers has Deere in the Headlights

CoPIRG Foundation, the Rocky Mountain Farmers’ Union, and Colorado farmers released Deere in the Headlights, a report revealing how difficult it is for farmers to get the tools they need to fix their equipment.

News Release | CoPIRG Foundation | COVID-19

A year later on Amazon: Comparing pre-pandemic prices to today's for 750 products

At the start of 2020, toilet paper stockpiling and a run on hand sanitizer would have never crossed our minds. Unfortunately, we’ve lived in a different reality since then. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Americans have witnessed shortages of -- and price gouging on -- a range of household and medical products from disinfectant wipes to face masks. And as COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths regularly near or exceed record numbers across the United States, even though most products are back in stock, we’re still seeing price hikes on essentials.

At a joint listening session between the Federal Trade Commission and the Colorado Attorney General’s office, I recruited a team of consumer advocates to raise issues from fraud and price gouging to abusive predatory products and debt collection. One theme that stands out - we’ve got a lot of talented players in Colorado working to protect consumers, but we’re not yet playing as part of a larger “Colorado Consumer Protection” team.


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