Blog Posts By:

Danny Katz,
Executive Director

Governor Polis’s proposal includes over $250 million for reducing the cost of riding transit, rolling out more e-bikes and electric school buses, replacing dirty diesel trucks, and boosting a program that makes main streets safer and more comfortable for people to walk, bike, roll, ride transit and live their lives. The next big investment we need - increased transit service.

We can't afford another summer of air pollution like this one. We need unprecedented collaboration on a local, state, and federal level to significantly expand clean travel options to tackle one of the largest contributing factors to our dirty air days - gas and diesel-powered vehicles. The clock is ticking. The solutions are out there. 

The 2021 Colorado General Assembly took major steps forward in protecting utility customers and our planet. HB21-1131 will result in better transparency and more open and accountable governing practices for members of utility cooperatives and SB21-103 reauthorizes and strengthens Colorado’s Utility Consumer Advocate. 

Denver and the North Front Range missed a deadline to reduce ozone pollution...again. Exceeding ozone air quality limits is bad. However, Colorado is poised to take big actions in the next six months that, done right, could put us on track for the clean air days we deserve.

Thank you to these legislators for leading the way on a number of important public interest issues. 

As the State Senate debates SB21-260, Colorado's transportation funding bill, I sent this message to them to articulate why the bill needs more work.

With the passage and signing of SB110, Colorado will add $30 million to the CDOT safe streets programs that are putting the safety of people first. This new injection of money builds momentum for the kind of transformation we need to see on our main streets and downtowns - change that needs even bigger investments over the next decade. 

Whether we want to tackle climate change, clean up our air, eliminate traffic fatalities, or give more people the freedom to choose how they travel around, we need to focus transportation dollars on two main goals over the next decade - convert 1 million vehicles from gas-powered to electric and reduce the amount of vehicle miles traveled by 10%. That’s going to take a lot more electric vehicle infrastructure and support. We also should aim to double the amount of people using transit, or completing trips via walking, rolling or biking.

Nothing we use once, should pollute our community and our planet for centuries. The Colorado Legislature needs to act and pass the Plastic Pollution Reduction Act this year.

Early Wednesday evening, Colorado’s utility regulator gave a greenlight to our largest utility’s Transportation Electrification Plan, a proposal to invest millions in electric vehicle infrastructure. As we wait for the details, one thing is clear - this is one of the biggest actions taken this year in Colorado to tackle climate change and it will bring big consumer benefits for years to come.