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Polluter tax to clean up Superfund sites kicks in Friday

After decades of taxpayers bearing the cost of cleaning up toxic waste sites, a new tax on companies that produce chemicals will kick in Friday to pay for toxic waste clean up. The so-called “polluter pays” tax will give the EPA’s “Superfund” program, which is responsible for cleaning up the most hazardous waste sites in the country, a major boost and help to free many Coloradans from the threat of deadly toxic waste.

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Colorado passes bill to protect kids from lead-laden drinking water

The Colorado General Assembly passed a paired down bill that would protect some kids against lead in drinking water at K-5 schools and child care centers. Under the bill, HB22-1358, covered entities will need to test all drinking water sources for lead and filter taps if lead is detected at concentrations of 5 parts per billion (ppb) or greater after testing. The bill dedicates $21 million to reimbursing the costs of testing and remediation. 

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Surprise medical billing bill codifies maximum protection

A bipartisan effort to strengthen protections for Colorado residents against surprise billing practices, the Health Insurance Surprise Billing Protections bill (HB22-1284), passed the state legislature yesterday, moving to the Governor’s desk. With the existence of both state and federal laws around surprise billing practices in effect, this bill will effectively merge the two laws, providing insured Colorado residents the maximum protections against surprise medical billing practices.

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One of nation's most comprehensive bills passes restricting dangerous PFAS chemicals

The Colorado state legislature passed one of the most comprehensive state bills to date restricting the sale of PFAS “forever chemicals” in consumer products as well as fluids used in the extraction of oil and gas products as early as 2024. PFAS are a class of chemicals linked to serious health impacts like cancer, organ damage, and suppression of the immune system, and Colorado joins a growing number of states taking action to help limit further use and exposure. 

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CoPIRG calls for key committee to pass bill to restrict PFAS “forever chemicals” in consumer products

Today, the House Energy and Environment committee will consider HB22-1345, which  would protect Colorado’s water supply and public health by phasing out PFAS in products like carpets, furniture, cosmetics, juvenile products, food packaging, cookware, and fluids used in oil and gas production. 

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CO Get the Lead Out bill to ensure kids aren’t drinking lead-contaminated water gets first hearing today

After a voluntary testing program found unsafe levels of lead in the majority of participating school samples, CoPIRG joined a broad coalition of child health professionals, community-based groups and advocates in calling on the Colorado House Public & Behavioral Health and Human Services committee to pass HB22-1358, the Clean Water in Schools and Child Care Centers bill, and ensure no kid is ingesting harmful lead in their water. 

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Bill to end the sale of flavored tobacco products moves forward

CoPIRG Advocate Alex Simon testifies in front of the House Finance Committee in support of ending the sale of flavored tobacco products. Recent data shows Colorado teens use e-cigarettes at 25.9%, more than double the national average.


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New scorecard grades popular apparel brands on commitments to avoiding PFAS

CoPIRG Foundation, Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc.(NRDC) and Fashion FWD released a scorecard on Wednesday ranking popular retail and apparel brands on policy commitments to eliminate a dangerous class of toxic “forever chemicals,” known as PFAS, from their products. Levi Strauss & Co. earned the highest marks while Walmart, Costco, Tapestry (parent company for Coach) and GIII Apparel Group (parent company for DKNY and Andrew Marc) received low marks for failing to adopt policies that ban PFAS chemicals or provide up-to-date, publicly available information on any ongoing efforts to phase out these toxic chemicals from their products. 


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