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Time to remove unnecessary state rules that undermine Denver regional transit

CoPIRG is calling on the House Committee on Transportation and Local Government to pass HB21-1186, entitled Regional Transportation District Operation, sponsored by Representatives Gray and Sullivan, and Senators Winter and Bridges. The bill would remove a set of state requirements that are unnecessary and could be counterproductive to operating a transit system that can transport more people.

With the passage and signing of SB110, Colorado will add $30 million to the CDOT safe streets programs that are putting the safety of people first. This new injection of money builds momentum for the kind of transformation we need to see on our main streets and downtowns - change that needs even bigger investments over the next decade. 

News Release | CoPIRG | Transportation

Gov. Polis signs bill to add $30 million to CDOT safer streets programs

Governor Polis signed SB21-110 dedicating an additional $30 million to Colorado’s Safer Main Streets and Revitalizing Main Streets programs. CoPIRG supports the additional money for the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to reduce fatal and serious injury crashes, increase support for all modes of travel, and improve access and mobility for all residents on Colorado’s main streets and within downtowns.

Whether we want to tackle climate change, clean up our air, eliminate traffic fatalities, or give more people the freedom to choose how they travel around, we need to focus transportation dollars on two main goals over the next decade - convert 1 million vehicles from gas-powered to electric and reduce the amount of vehicle miles traveled by 10%. That’s going to take a lot more electric vehicle infrastructure and support. We also should aim to double the amount of people using transit, or completing trips via walking, rolling or biking.

Early Wednesday evening, Colorado’s utility regulator gave a greenlight to our largest utility’s Transportation Electrification Plan, a proposal to invest millions in electric vehicle infrastructure. As we wait for the details, one thing is clear - this is one of the biggest actions taken this year in Colorado to tackle climate change and it will bring big consumer benefits for years to come.

Nader's "Unsafe At Any Speed" 55th Anniversary!

By | Ed Mierzwinski
Senior Director, Federal Consumer Program

Today, on the 55th anniversary of Ralph Nader's landmark "Unsafe at Any Speed," about the built-in dangers of 1960s cars, as exemplified by the General Motors Corvair, his colleagues led by Joan Claybrook have published a new report: "Safer Vehicles and Highways: 4.2 million U.S. Lives Spared Since 1966." The report makes recommendations to President-elect Joe Biden about how to revitalize and strengthen the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which Claybrook ran during the Jimmy Carter administration.

News Release | CoPIRG | Transportation

Victory: Denver voters approve 2A, $36 million climate solutions measure

Denver voters approved initiative 2A, injecting $36 million into a climate solutions fund that will expand renewable energy and electric vehicle infrastructure, upgrade buildings to be more energy efficient, and support more multimodal transportation options like transit, walking and biking. The dollars will be raised from a .25% sales tax increase, the equivalent of 25 cents for every $100 spent, which will go into effect immediately. 


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